Help please with my daughter's behaviour: touching herself all the time and losing confidence in me

Ola - posted on 02/10/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello all

I need your help and any advice please

My daughter is almost 4 years old now. Since she was born I tried to bond with her so much but I had to be back to work when she was 6 months and she would be in nursery from 9am to 6pm everyday. I then fell unwell and had a surgery but the whole thing took around 1 and half year of going and staying in hospitals for some time and coming back ........etc. After that I went back to university and it was a very busy period that I hardly spent quality time with her. I continued to try very hard to find good time and took any opportunity to be with her and play and take her to places. Around 2 years ago she started touching her vagina and rubbing it so hard, she gets really sweaty and red-faced and gets very nervous if I tried to stop her or distract her.. ON a sudden move I came to my home country in the middle east as my mother was really unwell and things went downhill from there. Everytime people or my family saw her doing this it was very a big issue was them and they shouted at me for not stopping her and called it shameful and that she might has been molested. Every time I tried to play and sit with my daughter they accused me of wasting time and there was always so much yelling and shouting. Im still here but im feeling that my daughter now hides under the blanket when she is rubbing herself and sneaks around not to do infront of my family and I also feel that she doesn't love me or have confidence in me as me as she is staying away from me and not trying to get me to play with her or anything as before. I am very afraid that I have lost my daughter's love and that something might have happened to her or someone might have molested her. last year she told the nursery nurse that someone touched her down there and they reported this but nothing was found and we couldn't think of anyone who was close to her or who might have access to do this to her.
I am terrified that something happened to her and I need any help please to deal wtih this and to help her with this movement that is now turning into a habit and I need any help please to how to gain my daughter's love and confidence especially that we were very close together emotionally and I am afraid that all the shouting in this house has caused her a problem. Will she forget these bad experiences? please help me i am on the verge on a nervous breakdown

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