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Tara - posted on 09/27/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




For the past 4 months I have been in a battle with my ex over custody of my daughters. It started when I pulled her out of old mill north where she was in the bachlorette program. She was being bullied, then found her cutting herself, scared to go to school, hanging with a very bad crowd. He had at the same time moved to old elicit city which is about 30 minutes from us with his new wife. I placed her in Chesapeake which we are zoned too and spoke to counselor there and let her know what I saw with maddy. I also put her in a Christian counselor center which seemed to work well. The day she was supposed to start I found she was withdrawed and moved to elicit city which then he attempted to keep my girls for over 3 wks. I had to get an emergency appeal. Afterwards Tim called dss on my husband and must self saying there was violence which made my husband lose clearance in his job while investigation was going on he then said he didn't want girls to go to Christian counselor. I was forced to take them out but stand strong on allowing her to only see a Christian counselor. Then I find out she is doing weji boards and into witchcraft w his new wife. I am horrified. I have them jointly again but we are awaiting trial for custody I do take her to see a Christian psych . In Bethesda. I have my church faith baptist and many churches praying for us. I have set up a benefit fundraiser dinner on oct 12 at 4pm to help raise money for this fight which I believe has a lot to do with spiritual warfare. My husband and I are struggling to keep fighting the bills for court lawyer and counseling , pysch. Are beyond what we can do . I was hoping and praying maybe you could help in some way?? I have had businesses donate auction items because I will also b doing an auction the same day and caterers helping w food but the more help we have the better because we are desperate to keep those girls safe. Please help if you are able

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Jodi - posted on 09/28/2013




That's still a solicitation Tara, because you will gain benefit from it.

Michelle - posted on 09/27/2013




This isn't the place to ask for donations, it's against our solicitation policy.
I will leave this here because you haven't put any link or contact info but please be mindfull of the policies we have.

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