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My 6yr old daughter was cut with a pair of scissors last week by a student now not even a full week later after the teacher put him at a diffrent table he threw the scissors at her and cut her face right abover her right eye. I was NOT contacted by the teacher or school my child came home and told me what happened. I spoke with the assistant princ. about moving him out of her class and she said his parents dont want him moved and they can assure it will never happen again but i could move my daughter to a new class. Why should she be punished and leave her friends and a great teacher she loves because he keeps hurting her? And how can they assure it wont happen again what ever discipline they used the first time didnt work... What do i do next? I refuse to send her to school to be put in that kind of danger (they sent him home the first time and the second time the gave him one day of oss). Please help me she loves going to school but im afraid for her safety.


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which is more important her safety? or her friends that she would still be able to play with at recess or after school? she shouldn't be playing with friends during class time ANYWAYS. but seriously with out the mother's consent they can not change the other child's class.

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