HELP so i started feeding my lil girl who just turn 6 months yesterday food i started with egg yolk banana cereal well i got scared cuss she was crying so bad cuss she was having a hrd time pooping can someone tell me wat do i do how much do u know how much to fead her???


Michelle - posted on 12/01/2012




At her age it should only be a teaspoon or 2. She doesn't need solids for nutrition, it's just for taste and texture.

You should also only start off with 1 food at a time and wait about 3-4 days to see if there is any reaction. It's also best to start with vege's like potato, carrot etc or baby rice cereal.

I would give her a break for a week or 2 and then try some bland foods rather than fruits.


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Amy - posted on 12/01/2012




Like Michelle said when you start solids it should only be one food, that way if your little one has any allergies you know whic food it was. Solids when initially given should be 1 or 2 spoonfuls, remember solids before 1 are just for fun, so they should not be fed as a meal but as a supplement to formula or breastmilk. Solids do cause constipation too so when introducing new foods you can expect some constipation but if it seems really uncomfortable you can stop solids for a couple days to get your little on track.

Julie - posted on 12/01/2012




Solid food and constipation ?. Give your child , apple sauce , banana, half and half of apple juice and water mixed together to drink it helps, Prune juice also helps .

Yeah it should be only baby food .. but you cant tell people what to do with their own children .

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