HELP,son has anger issues.grandparents feed & over step boundaries

Corina Vandetta Lynne - posted on 07/08/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




When I tell him to do anything. He grunts, stomps his feet and if looks could kill I would be dead. I have taken him in thinking maybe he has some medical issues I might be over looking. Nothing. I have showed him some breathing methods. I have tried the nice approach and tried talking to him. I put him in therapy. I bought a punching bag. Months went by and thought we had figured out a good solution for him to get his anger out... Then one night we were looking at his grades and school work and found out he was failing a class. He explained why so his dad and I helped him figure out a solution, so we thought. the night was good. Everyone went to school and work no red flags. Day came to an end. Everyone started showing up from school and work. oldest son walks in but his little brother doesn't. (they ride the bus to and from school together.)I ask where's your brother he says he didn't get on. So I called the school, went to the library nothing. hour has gone by. I went everyone he new and my parents. they live just 2 blocks from school. Nothing. by this time I have called my husband and am freaking out. Its been 3 hours since I started looking for him I have friends and neighbors looking for him. I even have my parents looking. My husband calls me back and says im going into the police station now.. have you found him yet? I told him no and left my parents house to go check one more spot. Husband calls me back and says hes at your moms. mind you I just left there. he goes on to say they have called the cops on us?? I am sitting in my vehicle balling trying to figure out why? Come to find out they accused us of abuse. If my parents would have just called me and asked why he was upset I don't think it would have gone that far.

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