help stressed out mom not ready to potty train 2 year old boy, he seems ready but won't cooperate.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/24/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, Several months ago I though I was ready to start poty training my son. He thought the baby potty's were toys to play withand insisted in sitting on the big potty so we got him a special potty seat. Although he learned the process ( sit, whipe, flush, wash hands, etc...) he wasn't ready to actualy do it, All he seemed to want to do is stuff tissue in the toilet, flush, and play in the sink, so I backed off for a while untill he could tell me that he needed to go potty.
Now that he seems more ready, and by ready I mean, tugging at his diaper every time he pees and resisiting being diapered, insisting on a new diaper every time he pees, or just to take it off, (he's even tried to change his own diaper during nap time) etc... however our family has had some hardships lately due to an accident that left my Hubby to the whims of Workers comp and unable to do much assisting in raising our boy. Between financial issues, trying to keep the house clean and juggling family concerns and lawyers, with a lack of local hands on support, (I had to take a break from getting my BA to attend to these matters, and amung them is potty training but I am running out of time). I find my self too stressed out and too busy to sit with Liam, my son every 20 minutes and struggle to make him sit still on the potty, ( he hates sitting still!!!!) but then I have to deal with cleaning up pee and poop which also adds to stress levels. Although he seems better at telling me when he has peed or pooped which I know is progress, but then all he wants to do in the bathroom is play. I am afraid i'm sending him mixed signals when I drag him screaming out of the bath room because he insists on playing in the sink or the bathtub rather than sitting on the potty and peeing. I feel so in the dark. I've read how to books etc... that consistancy is key, but I have been having trouble remaining consistent. One day I feel good and ready to do it and make it work, the next day, I'm stressed out and just don't want to deal with it. Any ideas on how to destress this situaltion?


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Katherine - posted on 05/24/2012




Then don't. Wait 6 months. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Wait until you're almost done with school and then try. Of course I don't know how much you have left.......but it's just fine to wait.

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