Help tantrim,

Claudette De - posted on 11/15/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




my girl is turing 2 in feb next year and the last week she has started to through exteme tantrims. she is an early developer since her birth to support what i am trying to say is she had all her teeth before 9months and showed tantrim signs already straight after 14months, she does things that a 3year old would starting to do or be interested in, therefore for her troughing tantrims was understandable and i dealth with it and try to help where possible to ease the burden but is a total diffenrent ball game all together. she would through herself down on the tile floor where she end up hurting herself and start to tantrim, not the worrying part, all seen before...the worrying part is when she is so frustrated that she hit herself in the face and head to the extreem. i thought perhaps she suffers from head aches but that did not proof any signs of truth or what i can gather because she just move along as if nothing has happend after i got her calm . i have been told that since she is an advanced learner for her age she find it more difficult to express herself since she has not developed her speach as yet. could there be truth in that - and if so how do i deal with it in a popper manner? help please



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