Help!!! the principal is bullying my special needs child in hope to get him out of that school he even has his case manager lying on him


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I would speak to the principle and such people who are bullying your child and tell them if it don't stop that a lawsuit will be brought in attention to the school for harrassing. See how they like that? For a lawsuit can be done and it will not look good on the school and the principle can loose his job. You can even write up something and put it in the newspaper.

Kimberly - posted on 05/24/2012




The Principal harasses my Son verbally he over punishes him just recently we started a child study team meeting referring to a write up Jonathan my (Son) received and said lets have a look at his rap sheet.and when called on it he lied and said i did not say that. and his case manager changed Jonathan's classes and forgot to tell him about his tutoring class being moved so he was written up and sent to detention. I asked for a meeting and the superintend of the child study team was there, and when i asked questions he would reply there are other options if you don't like your sons teachers, than he tell me i sound like i have a problem with Jonathan's teachers I again the only problem i have is with his principal and case manager when i speak to each separately each one says it was the others idea to punish Jonathan and i would like to know once and for all while we are here whose ideas are being used to punish Jonathan . Good Lord the superintendent jumped up and said they don't have to answer you !!!!!!!!!!! This meeting is over!!!!! Jonathan has asbergers syndrome and he seems like he has on emotions or feelings so they take him out of his performing arts which he loves!!!!and they say because he acts like he doesn't care. So i have a problem Jonathan is in a Vocational school and the principal told me last year he would like Jonathan to go to a regular high school. I refused and now every time i turn around I am being told by a teacher that the principal told them to write Jonathan up. Thanks for your reply Have a blessed day!!!! By the why Jonathan is at worst is late for class.

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