Help!! Washing his whites! My husband is a welder, and he gets filthy!

Natalie - posted on 07/31/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




How do I get that nasty metal dust stain out of our clothes? Brand new undies from just a couple months ago already look years old, and nasty gray/beige. Now washing his whites with mine gets mine looking dingy too. Bleach doesn't do the trick. Do your husbands get as dirty as mine does? There is literally leftover black silt in the bottom of the washer after washing his clothes.

Help please!


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Don't know if the OP is still around, but YES, my hubby's clothes get filthy! (also a welder) I just joined the "Wifes of welders" community (this misspelling drives me nuts, but that's how it's listed in the communities) to post a related question. I agree on running the washer empty after washing his clothes, although I haven't always done this and am now wondering if all our clothes are contaminated with heavy metals!!

For washing, something I found that helped, although didn't TOTALLy remove stains, was to soak first with a scoop of OxyClean (hot soak), then run on deep water wash with detergent AND Dawn dish soap (which removes grease). I think the presoak really helps.

Gena - posted on 08/01/2014




Have you ever tried vanish oxi powder? Maybe that could help washing his white clothes seperatly.

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I have a friend who deals with metal dust stains.

She told me once that she only bought grey underwear and socks for her husband and rarely bought anything white for him except for undershirts.

He does wear white undershirts because the colored ones are just too thick and too expensive for his kind of work. She washes his white undershirts in a load all on their own because they will turn anything else she washes with them dingy too. Then she runs an empty cycle through the washer before washing any of their other clothes or linens to rinse out the metal dust. This keeps her clothes and any of his white polos or oxfords from getting dingy, but the undershirts will be dingy within a month. This is because the metal dust isn't actually leaving a "stain" but is embedding tiny particles of metal into the fibers, so they will not bleach to white. Also, if you don't rinse it out of the washer before you put other clothes in, the little metal particles will just be picked up in the water and embedded into your other clothes; you have to run the empty cycle to flush them out.

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