Help! What to do when school and church are overlapping...

Jenny - posted on 08/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone

I'm new to the area and my oldest just started kindergarten. Upon going to school to pay book fees, two of the office workers started telling me i need to work at the city carnival, which actually supports the church. For a moment I was confused why they were asking me about church activities at school. I feel like they took advantage of my new mom in school eager to please attitude. They were pushy about it...of course in a nice way, but it bothered me that they put me in a position where it would be frowned upon to say no. And of course, that is why they probably did it. They gave my number to the committee chair. Our daughters are in the same grade and her husband works at the school. She has left me a few messages; the first nice, the second was edgy sounding, like she was getting annoyed. They gave me a 2.5 hour shift during one of the busiest times, and I think they are doing that because no one else wants to work during that time. I feel backed into a corner and it is on a weekend when all I want to do is spend time with my dh and kids. I'm worried if I don't help, it will somehow effect our reputation just starting out here, but if I do, they'll just keep coming back. Would love to hear others' perspectives. Thx!


Mary K - posted on 08/23/2013




You could always cancel early as posible and tell them that you have a obligation or emergency and you're not able to cover.. if they ask you what your emergency is just tell them its nothing you would like to discuss.. if they come back let them know at this time your not able to help out.. and to be polite let them know you'll call them when your able to help out.. put the conversation in your court so u can control it. That way they can gilt trip you in to doing what they want.. I hope the best for u..

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