HELP!!! Why would a four year old start peeing his pants when he has been potty trained since two?

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Help!!! Why would a four year old start peeing his pants when he has been potty trained since two? concerned Gramma


Jodi - posted on 02/19/2012




To add to Kelly's post about the physical component, when my sister was 5 she started wetting herself after being trained for three years.

We would ask her why and she would just say she didn'tknow. My mother started dating someone new around the time this started happening and I was terrified that he had done something to her sexually ( I was 19 at the time).

We took her to her pediatrician and turned out she was having petit mal seizures. It was very hard to see the signs, she would simply stare off into space for approximately 5-7 seconds, and then wet herself and that would be it. She was put on medication for one year and now she is a happy healthy 11 year old and has been seizure free for 5 years. Something to look into.

Kelly - posted on 02/18/2012




Only two causes emotional or physical. Not sure what the physical component would be? Not to freak you out but a main cause for kids wetting themselves or the beds after they were trained sometimes can be due to sexual abuse. Either way it warrants a chat with the pediatrician. Another cause could be a new sibling? They regress due to stress of mom and dad focusing on the new baby. If this is the case it will not last long and doesn't require any intervention just reassurance that he is still loved and a valuable part of the family. Devote more time to him.


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Is he doing it when hes active? Like playing with his toys? Sometimes kids get so wrapped up into what they are doing they just simply forget to go pee. Have you asked him about him? My son has been potty trained for awhile and he has accidents few and far between. But if you are worried about it I would call his pediatrician or family doctor.

Sarah - posted on 02/19/2012




Stress? Have there been any major changes in his life recently?

Bladder infection? Worth getting checked out.

Mary - posted on 02/18/2012




Thank you for the input. I am his Grandma and he is with us alot, but he goes to day care 5 days a week from about 7:30 am t0 5:00 pm. NOT because we want it but his mother is going to school and this is part of her grant. We have never agreed with him going but we are juts grandparents. They live on our property and he gets out of the car and comes to our house until about 8:00 pm everynight and then Friday till sunday he is usually with us. Do you think he is just really mixed up?

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