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My daughters birthday is January 3rd. It is always cold around that time of the year.. I want to throw her a big party for her birthday. But i feel I am limited to the locations because of the weather. What are some good party ideas for my daughters birthday?



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Hi there! If your little one wants to have an amazing birthday the SLUMBER PARTY CREW can be of service! We’re 3 sisters who will host an awesome slumber in your home! We serve the northern NJ/NYC area. If you’d like to book our crew pease email us at !!!

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Take her out to dinner on her birthday and let her plan a half birthday party for the summer. A big fun outdoor party with games in the summer for their half birthday would be so unique and special.

Or just do a party filled with games at home.

A game I have played with large groups is "Indoor Snowball Battle" Divide group into two teams. Use masking tape to divide the room - Use two lines of masking tape separated by about 3-4 feet (so the kids cant smack someone on the other team when throwing) Team one behind the first line, team two behind second in the middle is neutral. Give each team lots of newspaper, or tissue paper. Give each team three minutes to make the paper into "snowballs". Then countdown to start the snowball battle. Kids just whip the paper balls at the other side. When time is up everyone has to freeze. Then count the paper balls on each side the team with the fewest balls on their side wins. Have them throw balls into garbage can when counting.

Also this game is super fun for a group.

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Swimming party at an indoor pool. I know that some Y's do parties for their adventure zone, it is a big play structure (think chucky cheese, only sanitary). If she's older, some also have a rock wall.

I don't know if it is open to the community or not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

One year for my birthday as a kid, we had snow, so my dad made two forts in the back yard and we all had a huge snowball fight and a snow man contest.

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Bowling, roller skating, indoor pool party (we only invited 2 friends, but it was at a small indoor water park attached to a hotel), aquarium, arcade. We also tried celebrating a half-birthday instead one year, but that was difficult.

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I only suggest because my birthday is on January 1 and living in Australia it is always a very hot experience. Please come over and I'll take you for a picnic on the harbour!

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