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Bex - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




With my first, I fed her until she was 17 months, and only then did she sleep sound in her cot all night. Up until then she was in our bed every night until that point. I stopped because we were expecting our second and I felt I needed the break by then or it would have been back to back feeding.

With our darling youngest now at 13 months, she is still nursing, again still in our bed every night, and still wakes fairly frequently. She's had the odd good night where she's stretched to about 6 hours, but it's still not convenient timing to our own sleep schedule. When she wakes at night she expects to be fed. She will sometimes fall asleep on daddy and we're trying to do that more and more, but she makes such a racket if it's really food that she wants. I am fairly exhausted (as you'll all understand) and would just appreciate any advice on how to get her to sleep for longer stretches. I don't know whether to try her in her cot and maybe the distance means she won't wake, but the whole night we are in separate rooms and still she wakes calling for my millk! Have tried giving her late supper but that doesn't much help. Running out of options! We had to let our eldest cry it out for a couple of nights until she was established in getting herself off to sleep but after that we didn't look back, but she was nearer to 18 months at that point, and I feel bad making this little baby go through that if we can help it. She also makes a lot more noise than our first, so there's the added worry that she will disturb her big sister.

Any help please?


Dana - posted on 02/07/2012




I actually went through this with my son at 13 months also. What I did was put the cot/crib next to our bed and started getting him to sleep in it rather than right next to me. That seemed to help, as well as cutting out one meal each night for a week, then cutting out another, and so on until there are no night feeds.

It's not going to be easy that first night or two, she might be pissed, but just keep shushing her, rubbing her back, or whatever it takes to get her back to sleep without that feed! :) Good luck.

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