Help with 15 month old constant crying!

Megan - posted on 08/30/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




So I've just joined as my 15 month old is sending me into meltdown! He's always been hard word, cried a lot and never slept, had feeding issues and so on. I heard 'he will grow out of it' from doctors and health visitors but now it's worse than ever. He hardly ever smiles or laughs, hates been around lots of people. Wont sit in his pram, highchair or car seat without screaming. Won't walk in one direction so he ends up tantruming in every public place so now we hardly ever go out. He cries 70% of the day, everyday! Hates baths, barely has an appetite and just seems so unhappy everyday. Only this morning he sat down and realised there was a few bread crumbs on his foot and he cried for 5 minutes. His behaviour is so strange and it just seems like he's so touchy. I try everything, play with him, try teaching him things and he just gets so angry. He's been walking from 9 months, barely says any words and only has 2 teeth. He is bad with his teething but I don't believe it explains his every day behaviour. Sorry for going on but I'm so miserable because he is and feel so guilty for not enjoying him and looking forwards to his bed time! Anyone had anything similar? Any advice please? !

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