help with difficult potty training.

Celeste - posted on 10/06/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




hello, I have a 30 month old grand son which i keep during the day while mom works. we can not seem to get him potty trained. we have tried every thing, he will not even sit on the toilet. ive looked on the i.ternet for advice but every site wants a fee for advice. I raised 4 of my own and no problem with them, plus potty trIned several nieces and nefews neighbors snd so on. just am baffled about my grandson. I can ask him if he needs to go, he says no, and turns rigjt around and goes. And tells you. but will not go on the potty. What to do?


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Just give him a break from it, and let it go for a while. Maybe wait 2 more months or so, take him to the store to pick out some big boy undies, and start with him wearing those. The do not take away the wetness like a diaper, adn makes them uncomfortable. Give him time, and don't force it. Also, try to teach him to pee standing up when you start. He might have more fun with that.


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He is evidently not ready. Don't push it. Don't give up but don't stress him or yourself over it. When he is ready it will be a done deal. Sometimes I think that when we train our children (very) early we may be training ourselves when to take them rather than for them to go. Anyway, I bet he does not start kindergarden in diapers.

Bonnie - posted on 10/07/2011




He is only 2.5. My older son wasn't trained until 3.5 and my younger son 2 years and 9 months. Every child is different and for the most part boys take longer. Don't push it or he will likely refrain more. With my younger son, we just decided to put underwear on him one day and that really helped. Without all the padding, he was able to feel more when he had to go. Of course there were a few minor accidents, but that's it.

Katherine - posted on 10/07/2011




My nephew was difficult too. He didn't train until 3. One day he just decided he was ready and was done with diapers. How long have you been trying to potty train him?

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