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My LO is 9 wks old, a little over 2 mnths. He was a preemie, 6 wks early. He was on similac neosure at first, then it caused belly aches and constipation along with lots of crying. After.neosure, we.tried gerber good start protect, then gerber.good start.gentle, then similac sensitive, and now similac soy. He did well on soy for almost a week and then.started spitting up really.bad.I have keep him upright 30 mins after feedings, burp him every half ounce and he still spits up and seems to.have a belly ache. What would you recommend? I've had many people tell me that i should try adding rice.cereal? HELP!!!


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/07/2013




What kind of bottles are you using? The Dr Browns are fantastic. And NOOOOOO do not add anything to his bottle like rice or cereal at this age. you never should, but especially this young. It has no nutritional value, and only makes them so full they don't eat as much as they should.

I had to use the gentle ease enfamil formula and that really help with my son. But seriously, whatever you do, don't add any of that crap to his formula. If anything, it will make it more difficult to digest his formula instead of helping him.

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