Help with in laws and fiance when it comes to my baby??

April - posted on 06/10/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello I'm very new at this and I need some advice I have a 10week old son and ever since the hospital my in laws and his family kept coming to c my baby and they would pass Him around without washing there hands and not to mention I just wanted to c my mom after I gave birth and I talked to my fiance abiut his parents and he says they aren't doing nothing wrong and that they all aren't respecting my wishes I wanted no visitors while I was in the hospital but hrs after I gave birth all his family showed up and after we got home my in laws won't stop dropping by unannounced and demands to hold him and tells me to give him to them and when it comes feeding time my mother in law takes the bottle out of my hands and when he's fussy bc I try to calm him down and when he calmed down she clapped her hands and said give me him and I said no he's fine she said give me him and when grabbed him out of my arms he started screaming again and they tell me how to raise my own son and my fiance doesn't stand up for me he thinks they aren't doing anything wrong and its only making me hate them more and makes me and my fiance argue non stop not to mention my family doesn't get to c him bc of his family is over at my house all the time and they don't take no for an answer for example my father in law was holding him and they were leaving and he was supposed to give him back to us and he said no I'm taking him home with me and started walking out the front door and I said no and he Still didn't listen. to me and my mother In law complains to my sister in law that she doesn't get to see him and I'm keeping him from her when she sees him like everyday and my family doesn't get to c him at all I'm getting fed up when I say no and they still don't listen and Still takes him out of my hands and what really bugs me I don't mind a few pics but she takes pics of him non stop and when. I say no there feelings get hurt and they say why isn't she giving him to me ?? What should I do I need help I feel like I'm all alone


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1) no visitors policies in hospitals are enacted at the patient's request to the nursing staff, not their families. You apparently did not notify the staff of your desire for no visitors.
2) if you want people to respect your wishes, you have to assert yourself. Stop expecting others to do so for you.
3) when offered unsolicited advice, smile, say thank you, and that you are happy for the suggestions, but you will parent in the way you feel most comfortable with baby.
4) why can't both families see the child if they are both there? That makes no sense. If your extended families cannot get along together, tell them to grow up.

What should you do? Assert yourself.

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