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My baby boy is 5 month old. My mother in law lives about 5 hours away. My dad passed away in October this year and as soon as she found out she said she will come up for my baby to I could sort the funeral out.. I said no it's fine but she could have him while I attend the funeral and she had him for a week. He's has only been back 6 weeks and she's asking to have him again.. For two weeks now.
When she brought him back all his bedding had coffee stains all over it!!
The problems I have with my mother in law is that she has a really bad back from been in a car accident 3 years ago and she smokes weed to help with the pain and i have already told her about this and she said she wouldn't smoke it around my son and the whole situation just stresses me out when she had him before I was constantly worried about him and she texted me saying she's put something in his bottle to help him sleep and I told her not I missed him so much hated that feeling and now he's older he's rolling over and things and i don't wanna miss out on anything I need advice.. sorry it's so long


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Michelle - posted on 12/15/2013




He's still so young, I wouldn't be letting her have him for 2 weeks! Maybe when he's 5 years old.

I would just tell her no because he is too young.

Tracey - posted on 12/15/2013




OMG are you kidding ? Do NOT leave this child with her , unattended, again. 5 hrs away is NOT that far, and, since she does NOT work, why can't she come down and visit you ? Do you know it is a crime to 'put' something in a baby;s bottle to 'help him sleep' ? Read about the stewardess on the airline who lost her job and went to prison. How sad that you would consider leaving your baby with someone that drugs him, for her convenience. Please, please, do not leave him there again. You can visit, but, clearly, this woman ( who is probably very sweet ), in unable to properly care for your precious bundle !

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