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Ola - posted on 06/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




hello everyone,

looking for some help. My mother in law tries to interfere with everything about my baby's life. Most of the time I feel she holds a grudge towards us as well coz as she said before " I took her son"!!.
She has called my daughter spoiled before few times and I had to tell her to stop calling her that.
The same situation is happening with her other granddaughter from another daughter in law. She keeps criticizing her Mom and her mom's style of brining her up and makes it look like she is spoiled because of how the mother was ( the daughter in law). This is now affecting my relationship badly with my husband because every time I explain to him and ask him that his mom shouldn't interfere like this, he just keeps on defending her all the time. I am tired of this and really thinking of leaving the relationship but I'm afraid they will keep trying to interfere and will always call my daughter spoiled or criticize her ( the way they are doing with the other grandchild)


Louise - posted on 06/20/2012




This is very difficult when your husband sides with his mother, this is a major problem and if you do not address it, it is going to cause a huge rift between you. Sit your husband down and ask him if he feels you are raising your child like a spoilt brat, let him answer with his thoughts, if he says no then ask him why he allows his mother to call her that frequently. Let him answer again, the next time you go to her house before you go in you say to him that you want him to deal with the situation when it arises in defence of his daughter and you want him to stop it.

When the MIL starts look at him to intervene if he does not then speak up and tell the mother in law straight that she is wrong and that you would appreciate it if she would refrain from butting in. Have the row clear the air. Then she may think twice about opening her mouth and letting the spitefulness come out. Some women just need to be told to but out.

If this does not change and you do not get the support that you need from your husband then you have some serious decisions to make for you and your child!

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