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Triska - posted on 08/26/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I really really need help with this step kids! Spoiled is not the right word to use, i dont think there is a word to describe this two. . The real mom died about five years ago. (Very sad story) they are 8 and 10. They are so mean to me behind dad's back. But when he is around they act all nice. They are very clever. I think too clever. They always laugh in my face. Always yelling at me. They have every toy there is to have. The have video games and tablets. Very expensive bicycles, clothes ect... The thing is dad feels guilty about their mom not being there anymore. So they cant do anything wrong in his eyes. I think they are just abusing his feelings. I cant explain their bad behavior , mischievious .... rude! I love their dad so much but i cant put up with this anymore. If i tell them to stop fighting they go crying to dad. They are playing with his feeling but he is to blind to see... they are so jealous of me. But why? I do everything for them.. from helping with homework, to arranging playdates.. EVERYTHING! EVERYHING A MOM IS SUPOSSED TO DO. AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET? What am i doing wrong? I have never spanked them or yelled at them. If i do they tell him other lies and then he gives me sh#t. Help help help


Michelle - posted on 08/26/2016




They know that they can get away with everything so they push it to the limits.
Are you married to Dad?
You and Dad need to sit down and discuss what role you are going to have with them. Since there isn't a Mum around, I would say that you are now that person and able to discipline as needed.
Dad need to get over his guilt though. He needs to get into counseling to learn how to parent without feeling guilty.
What he is doing isn't actually helping the children at all, it is turning them into spoiled brats and their behaviour will only get worse.

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