Help with stomach pain. My 3-year-old complains every day that her stomach hurts. Any help?

Renee - posted on 01/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3-year-old daughter has complained of stomach pain almost daily for the past several months. She is an overall healthy child. She does cough occasionally and it sounds productive. Anyhow, when we told the doctor about the complaints of stomach pain, he said she should be taking allergy medication nightly and the stomach pains could be post-nasal drip, though that doesn't sound plausible to me. She has what is called "geographic tongue" which is a condition where her taste buds regenerate frequently causing patches on her tongue (which are sometimes painful). My husband used to have acid reflux, but he said he's fine now. My daughter was on antibiotics a few times this past Fall (for ear infections), and my sister-in-law said we should put her on probiotics because she could have developed candida. Anyhow, I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions as to what this could be and what we should do. Thanks.


Michelle - posted on 01/27/2013




I would hinder a guess that she is constipated increase her fiber intake

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