Help with toilet training! A boy who just holds it

Julie - posted on 11/29/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My son is nearning on 2 1/2 so we have begun the toilet training journey. I take his nappy off first thing in the morning and about an hour or 2 later the jigging around begins. He will dance around the house until he is absolutely desperate and has several little wees on the carpet before I can get him to sit on the potty (he wont go near the big toilet) . He will eventually go after several attempts of me getting him on the potty and him getting off saying "no wee wees coming". Anyone had this problem or know how to make him just sit down and go when he needs to instead of 2 hours later with several puddles for me to clean?!? (He also holds on going poos until I put his nappy on at night)


Kayla - posted on 11/29/2010




I have 3 boys my oldest will be 4 now in December, a 2 yo and a 1 month old. My 4 yo didn't start going to the potty till he was 3. Around 2 yo I showed him the potty and told him all about it I would remind him everyday! I didn't make him sit on it or anything we just talked about it! We talked about him wearing big boy underwear and one day he just told me mommy I want to use the potty and wear big boy underwear! We haven't had any problems with accidents or not wanting to go! I am know starting with my 2 yo. I think all kids will go at their own time. When they are ready they will let you know! I hope this helps.

Christy - posted on 11/29/2010




I have concluded with my own children that they will be potty trained when they are ready. This means that they have the ability to tell you they have to go, then sitting on the potty and going. A lot of little ones don't have this ability until they are at least 2 1/2 or 3 years old. I sound like a lazy mom, but I got to the point where I just don't want to sit them on the pot each time I think they have to go. I want them to come to me and tell me and then they can go on the potty. BTW, I have a 2 yr old girl and 3 1/2 yr old son, and neither of them is potty trained. This doesn't mean I haven't tried!!!!!!!!!!! I have become tired of cleaning up pee and poo all over my house! Good luck to you.


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Sara - posted on 12/01/2010




I've trained 4 kids. My first, (girl) was 4 1/2 and very stubborn. I finally, had to tell myself I'd never met a grade school kid that wasn't potty trained. Then when she was "ready" she did great. My second (boy) was 1 1/2 and never soiled anything again. My third & forth (boys) were closer to 3. My youngest, did wet the bed overnight, until he was nearly 10. He was such a deep sleeper. Eventually, we did have to get him a device that woke him if he started pottying at night. It took a few months and he was good to go. But, I found the same as most of these...they do when they are ready and some battles are not worth fighting. Save your energy, there'll be plenty of things you'll need to stand your ground on.

Lyndsay - posted on 11/30/2010




My has been fully trained since his 3rd birthday in September, and he too was very reluctant... mostly with poop. After lots of fights and lots of clean-ups, I decided that if I knew he had to take a crap then he wasn't leaving the bathroom until he did so. I sat with him in the bathroom for about 10-15 minutes and wouldn't let him leave until he at least tried to go pee or poop on the toilet. Eventually he would realize he wasn't going to get to go to play until he sat on the toilet, so he would try to go. He wouldn't always go and sometimes he would still poop on the floor 5 minutes later, but I was persistent and now he gets up all by himself to go poop.. he doesn't even like me to sit in the bathroom with him, he likes his privacy lol

Kristine - posted on 11/30/2010




yup, right before my son turned 3 he did the same thing, I sometimes got impatient with him, but that only made things worse. the trick is to stay calm and my patient and they will go on their own terms. my son did. sometimes he still holds it, but eventually he goes when he can't hold it no more lol

Lissa - posted on 11/30/2010




I've had three to potty train and all were different, firstly boys tend to take longer than girls and the doing a wee in the potty tends to come a very long time before they will do a poo in there. You could buy some stickers and make a chart explain clearly stickers for using the potty, start small a sticker for even sitting on toilet/potty and have a reward. Make it fun buy lots of small things like bubbles or little packs of crayons, wrap them up and make it a lucky dip. Explain how everyone goes to the toilet (I would avoid saying things like big boys go, they still want to be your baby not a big boy). Encourage sitting just for a few minutes regularly, if something happens make a big deal out of it, if nothing happens don't mention it. Simple ways of encouragement for instance you sit on the potty then we will play/read etc. Keep him occupied while he's doing it sing a song . If after a few weeks there is no improvement he probably just isn't ready so forget it for a while. Don't make any fuss over accidents and be calm about it, boys often don't get the hang of it until between three and four. Hope that is of some help, we have all been there :)

Julie - posted on 11/29/2010




Christine- Oh no!!! Thats awful :( I hope we can both get some good advice here. Remember to stay calm when everything inside is telling you to scream!!!

Vegemite - posted on 11/29/2010




i'm sorry i have no tips but want to vent my frustration too. I have been toilet training my just 3yr old for a year now and nothing. I have now started training my 16month old as he tells me he has poos. This morning the younger one did wees and we got all excited clapping when 3yr old hurls his potty at my head. Hmmmm don't know what to do with that kid.

Danielle - posted on 11/29/2010




try geting astep for the toilet or give him the buket he mite feel moe comftable standing to help with the poohing take his nappy of but when hes had a wee put it bak on for a bit he mite not b ready to poo out of the nappy yet x

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