Helpful comments for those who make negative comments about "another boy"?!

Veronica - posted on 10/08/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




It was once an honorable thing to have a boy, but somehow-somewhere- people seem to have concluded that boys are the less desired gender..... And, if you have several like me, most people seem to think I've signed myself up for a lifetime of misery. I'm sick of it!!!!!

So, I have one daughter (7) and 3 sons (6,3,2). I just found out son#4 is on the way. Having grown up with only sisters, boys were one of the happiest surprises of my life. I adore my daughter and I adore my sons. Even at their young ages, I get compliments on how sweet and polite the boys are. They are loving, clever, curious, affectionate people who can sit through a meal and know how to behave in public. They have an amazing, hands-on Dad who helps me a lot. Even big sis had no preference on the gender of baby #5 b/c she gets on really well w/ her brothers!!

SO, how come people think they have the right to tell me how hard it's going to be w/4 boys or how lonely my daughter must be (in front of her!). I am just tired of it. Any suggestions on how to put people in their place or do I just smile and forget it... I suppose it's just important that I know the truth?!


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