Helpful hints for a mommy with an 1 year (July 12th) and a newborn (expected by July 23rd)

Rhonda - posted on 07/01/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need ideas on things that worked for you if you had your babies within a year. Thanks! :-)


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Claire - posted on 07/03/2011




Just give your little one lots of praise and as much attention as you can equalize between the two of them. We had our kids 13 months apart and I think the worst part was that we were teaching toy sharing at the time. She kept trying to share her blocks with her new brother by launching them into his playpen because she couldn't reach him to hand them over. Poor kid ended up with so many marks from sharing!
Just remember that going from one kid to two is harder than anything lifestyle-wise and you'll do fine! It just takes some time to get the new balance.

Kandy - posted on 07/01/2011




I have a 14 month old and we welcomed our new little one on June 16th. And all that I can say is be patient and try to include your 1 year old in activities with your newborn. Our son has a stool that he stands on when we change our new little one. The first week our son had a hard time with the new baby concept but now the tantrums have stopped and he seems to be having an easier time.
Every child is going to be different on how they handle the change in family dynamics so just try and give your 1 year old as much attention as you can, and like I said before just try and stay patient.

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