Helping 9 year old brother with homework... HELP...

Nicholas - posted on 12/02/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok, you are probably wondering why it says brother but I am just a teenager that kind of acts like a parent sometimes so I wanted some advice with a couple things from experienced mothers like you. Is there anything wrong with that? To the homework thing, my brother isn't the brightest bulb out of the pack but he does try and sometimes he doesn't get his homework. Well maybe most of the times. He doesn't know what the homework is asking for. I try to explain and I'm afraid that I'm helping him most of homework time and he's not learning anything. And when he gets it wrong, I get stressed out and sometimes yell at him. I feel really bad while writing this. I just want to help him get good grades. The reason is that I'm helping him with his homework is because my parents didn't go to school in the USA so they are unfamiliar with the studies. I am also still in school taking many rigorous AP classes (advanced placement classes (college level)) and I need some time to work on that as well. I need advice on what should I do. Thank you for understanding!

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