Helping child with choosing the right college

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My daughter is just a sophomore and she's being bombarded with colleges coming at her. She is wanting to go to a in-state college but still live on campus. She seems to think that it's all going to come easy. I don't know that I can afford this and then afford to send my other two kids also.
Does anyone know about grants and how to find them.


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It's the government website for financial aid.

Another good resource is to go to the websites for the colleges, and look at their financial aid dept. I'll include the links for the University I work at, for example :-)

On the left side of the page, you'll see the quick links to several resources, including FAFSA, as well as other links for loans/grants/workstudy opportunities and scholarships.

In this day and age, the aid is out there, as long as you know where to start! Good luck!

I also recommend visiting some of the ones she's interested in. I know she's getting inundated with information, but she can pick one or two to visit each month (or whatever works for you guys). By going to the campus, and visiting with the financial aid folks, etc, you'll have a better idea of if it's even where she wants to be.

Again, good luck!


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Livia - posted on 05/03/2013




The school visiting is something we plan to do in junior to senior year. I'm told that's the timing that keeps them all clear in your mind and gives time to get replies to applications after visiting.

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