Helping Married Women Reestablish Their Lives as Single Mothers (WRTL)

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Megan's STORY:

I am so passionate about this cause - WOMEN REESTABLISHING THEIR LIVES as SINGLE MOTHERS - because I am a living, breathing example of these women that need YOUR HELP!

We live in a world where you are poor, middle-income, or wealthy. Ironically, if you come from either the poor or the wealthy brackets you can get through life rather easily – either (1) with oodles of money to get a divorce if you need one, buy a house if you need to move, sell your car because its paid off and you don't owe $5000 in negative equity and need to get rid of it; or on the flip side (2) on the poor side where you have access to food stamps if you can't afford to buy your groceries for the week, or Medicaid if you can't afford your medical bills, state financial support if you can’t afford your rent or utilities, or low income housing if you can’t afford your own home.

Well, while all this "surviving" is going on among the wealthy and the poor people, the middle-income people are falling through the cracks and are barely surviving. They are falling into a deep dark abyss where they may never get out. Middle income people are suffering day in and day out to pay their rent, to pay their taxes, to pay for divorces, to pay the bills if one spouse loses their job, they are struggling to get money into savings for a rainy day or for when their brakes go out, or a tire blows; they are stressing about having not a single dollar to their name for when they retire. It goes on and on and on - the perils, the stresses, the fears of the middle-income people of this world.

There is one more group within the middle-income bracket who is suffering even more. The middle-income-level mothers who want to leave their husbands but who can’t because they cannot afford to. They cannot afford the divorce filing fees, they cannot afford a new apartment to live in once they move out, they cannot afford to take care of their children….at first. They just need to time to get on their feet, file for government assistance if they qualify for it, and to job search.

Please visit to see how you can help!

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