Helping my daughter cope with a new addition

Miriam - posted on 04/04/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 8 year old is still trying to cope with our new addition to the family. She thinks we're paying too much attention on our new baby although we tried to explain why? What should i do? I feel sorry for her because she's always been my baby for the past years; but i also have to attend to my son who is just 3 months old.


Amy - posted on 04/05/2013




Set aside an hour each day that you or your husband can spend with just her.

Leah Marie - posted on 04/05/2013




To gussy the baby up to her, try getting little gifts and saying they are from her little brother. Maybe write little letters to her from him saying sweet little things.


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Miriam - posted on 11/04/2013




Thank you all for your encouraging posts...she's now coping well and helping me out with the baby.

Ev - posted on 04/09/2013




What did you do to prepare her for the new baby? Did you allow her to help choose names? Did you talk about the changes to come? Did you let her help pick out things for the baby? In other words, did you get her involved in any of the things going on leading up to the arrival of the new one?

My daughter was asking for a sister since the age of two (She is now 23). Back then, I just looked on it as her wish to become a big sister because all of her Sunday School class members were. One day, just before she got out of kindergarten at age six, we told her that she was to be a big sister finally. During the process, we talked about names, picking out things, what would happen to the family when the baby arrived, if she would get a brother or sister, and included her in the naming of the fact I let her pick the names for a sister. She chose well. We kept the talk positive up to the birth. By letting her be involved in things that made the change over from a family of three and total attention on her easier one.

I learned to divide my attention between her and that brother she got. He did get more in the beginning because of his needs as an infant. As he grew older, she began to interact with him more and more. He loved it and so did she. They were close from the moment he was born.

I think by getting her involved besides spending special time with her will make her feel much better and a part of what is going on. Its too late to prepare her and let her be involved in the preparations but letting her help with things now is a good way to get her to get used to the new addition. It will also help bond them too. My two are seven years apart, but they have a bond as strong as time. No matter happens to one, the other will be there to help.

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