Helping preschoolers who react constantly with anger

Geri - posted on 06/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 45 month old son, he'll be 4 years October 2013, has low threshold for anger and frustration. It seems that every 10 minutes or so he explodes in anger or tears at his siblings and sometimes at me to. I usually put him in time out. Although if I did so consistently he would be in time out several times each hour. Our household of 6 children is quite busy and hectic especially in the summer season.


Ev - posted on 06/26/2013




What kinds of activities do you plan for the kids in the home? Do you have a type of schedule that they go by? Do they have sets of chores to do or certain things expected of them to do during the day at home?

If those things are in place and it does not seem to make a difference to him, you may need to take him and have him evaluated at the doctor's office. There may be underlying issues you do not know he has because you can not see them and they come out in the frustration and anger, the tears, taking things out on the other siblings and so on. Time out may not be useful in this case. I would highly suggest a trip to the doctor and explain what is going on; what has been done and have your son tested to see if there are other issues going on. The doctor can then get you on your way to get help.

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