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i am a step mom to a beautiful boy my husband recently took his ex back to court in august because she had put a pfa on her boyfriend because he had her beat up and threatened her and harassed her and soo on and soo fourth well the court was in my husbands favor their son was no longer around her boyfriend and now they share joint custody but now she moved AGAIN and is with a new druggy boyfriend and moved her and my husband and her son in with him now she is trying to move him into a diff school and pretty much screwing my husband over i just need some advice on what he should do because in the custody order it states that if any one of them decided to move they had to submit a relocation order 60 days prior to moving along with sending him a notice and the courts and she never did soo im just wondering if he can do something and if it will help him at all because i just dont feel that he is in a stable enviroment with her


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If this boy is in this kind of environment and she is going against the rules.. well this is what I would do in the situation... I would get her address wrote down and when she moved in and get all the information you can on the druggies she's been with and with and so on.. And the environment the child is in and I would go and file a custody order for the son. If this woman is with a druggy and has been beaten up in the past.. That would be on record if it was turned in.. Go to the court and get all the papers that has to do this.. It will show that she isn't not someone that should have a child and she is putting the child in danger because of the drugs and the abuse. They will take the child away from her because she in not taking care of her child the right way and since she didn't go by the rules as well , she can get fined for it, if not jailtime.. I would push it to the full extent and go after custody of this boy.

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