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My second child is 10 weeks old. I had hemorrhoids after my first, but they went away fairly quickly and I didn't have any problems for 2 years, until the second half of my second pregnancy. My son was 9 pounds 6 ounces, so I obviously had to push REALLY hard this time!! I thought that the hemorrhoids were getting a bit better--still hurt to go #2, but that's it--but now they seem to be worse again. When i walk a lot, like grocery shopping or the zoo, they start to burn like crazy. There's also blood when I wipe after going #2. Is it normal for them to last this long? Do I just keep using tucks pads and hope for the best or is it something that I need to get checked out? I'm embarrassed to talk about it with anyone!!


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I started with hemorrhoids with my first pregnancy. I now have 4 kids, and the 3rd was 10lbs 3oz, so I know how you feel. It's very common for them to flair up from time to time. It takes quite a while after giving birth for them to go down completely, then every time you have a hard BM, or walk alot, they are going to flair up. Just make sure you drink lots of water, eat high fiber, and stay away from constipating foods for softer BM's, then use tucks pads and hemorrhoid cream when they flair up. When they are really bad, a sits bath really helps.

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If they are still bothering you I would call your doctor or go to a walk in clinic, especially if they're getting worse. I had them well after my first but the pain was becoming so unbearable I was also embarressed. I had my husband take me to a walk in clinic, and the doctor I saw actually got me into a specialist that same day. I had a thrombose hemorrhoid that actually required surgery which I had the following day, although I was not bleeding mine were both external and internal.
The doctor who performed the surgery also reccommend that I take a daily fiber pill going forward to prevent constipation and strain while using the bathroom and ensure that you are getting plenty of water. Hope this helps and good luck.

Jackie - posted on 04/13/2011




I got them too at the end of my pregnancy with #1. What a pain in the ass they are! (no pun intended). I was told that they may never go away completely. I don't know how true that is. I think the only thing you can do it treat the pain with Tucks or something similar. Also, try a natural stool softener and drink lots of water so it's not so painful to go #2. That will also help with the "flare ups." Good Luck

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