her earning a higher degree and not having to work was not literal...

Michelle - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I didn't go to college...I told my daughter," Look Mica, if you go to college and focus on getting your degreee..You don't have to worry about working... but hey it's summer...she was in school fulltime and I don't have the funds to send her this summer...so she's home for three months and she's not trying to work..hair,nailsand outings are all at my husband and I expense...HELP..

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Sarah - posted on 05/20/2012




Does she steal the money?? Otherwise YOUR the ones sabotaging yourselves. JUST SAY NO. Works on more than drugs..

Leigh - posted on 07/02/2009




We are our childrens undoing. Do you remember how much you had to help out around the house at the same age? I have the a son who is the same age, who's at uni. When he finished school & went onto uni, he decided he was 'a man', & quit his partime job at McD's, but after a couple of months had to go back & ask for his job back, as he had no income to support his 'life'. He lives at home & is made to contribute financially & physically (ie doing his chores which do not include keeping his room clean. He also does all his own laundry). At first he was resistant to paying to stay at home, but since it's such a minimal amount & he could not get the same should he choose to leave home, he's worked out he's getting a good deal. You teach your children no life skills for when they are without your complete support if you do everything & provide everything for them, especailly since they want to be treated like 'adults'. Does she even know how to 'get a job'? If not be proactive, set up interviews for her, volunteer her at a beauty shop, you never know the experience for her would be invaluable, & they might be able to offer her something later on that suits her study times. Good Luck Michelle.

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Why don't you suggest getting some part time work, til she is ready to go back? say in a beauty shop, something of interest to her at the moment

User - posted on 07/02/2009




Then cut her off Michelle...simple. If you didn't have it to send her to school for the summer then how can you afford her luxuries that you don't do for yourself. WHY is not applying for financial aid anyway?

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It's gracious of you to assit her with her college funding, but your daughter is an adult. She needs to be paying her own way fo the luxuries she wants like hair, nails, and good times out with friends. Why are not putting your foot down? There's no reason at all why a healthy college-aged student is unable to put a few hours of work in daily to pay her own way. That's called 'hard work ethic'. I mean, after she graduates college, isn't she planning on working hard anyway? There was no way in hell my mother would be forking over money to me for playtime. I had a car, insurance, bills and for two summers I worked 2 jobs 7 days a week! Stop spoiling her and make her understand the value of hard work, budgeting money, and earning her keep.

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