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I have a 4 year old son who is having trouble in school with his behavior.... I know it's too early to say he has ADHD but his issue is he likes to walk around and do things in class while the teacher is teaching... He isn't aggressive in any way towards other kids he just can't stay in his seat.... I was told by a teacher at the school I work at that she was having the same issues with her son and she did some research and is now giving him 3 herbal supplements... They are Carlson's Fish Oil, Attentive Child and Calm Child and she states she has seen a change in her son... I decided to go buy them as well and give them to my son.... Today was the first day I gave them to him (just because I wanted to make sure he didn't have any type of reaction) so I plan to continue giving them and seeing if they help him.... My question to you moms is have any of y'all used these herbal supplements? Do y'all think I'm harming my son by doing this? As a Nurse I feel bad giving him something before even asking his pediatrician because I don't think she will agree with this.....


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I know dyes in food are linked add/adhd. Avoid as much processed food as you can, and avoid anything with artificial colors in it.

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My best advice would be to find a homeopathic doctor in your area. If your son is ADHD, it can sometimes be treated herbally and through diet. BUT dosage is determined by the childs age and weight. I would never trust just buying over the counter. For me herbal treatments did not work with my oldest son. Also once you find a homeopathic doctor or even you child's regular physician ask for suggestions. My son's pediatrician and nurse actually started studying homeopathic treatments after working with him (he has a lot of allergies making many/most medications on the no no list) and went on the become certified in that field. I stopped short of certification but don't remember most of it.

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There is a massive difference between herbal and homeopathic remedies. I haven't even heard homeopaths say that they can treat adhd but can you explain why you would go for herbal treatments that have never been tested on this specific illness?

Look, I know that there are some herbal treatments that do work on some illnesses. Valerian for sleeplessness, digitalis for cardiac issues, willow for pain however adhd is such a new categorized illness and I personally haven't seen any randominzed, double blind testings done with herbs for their treatment.

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