Here's a conundrum. I have 6 kids ages 15 to 5. 2 girls, then 3 boys, and a girl. She is 5 and has night terrors sometimes, but even when she doesn't she sneaks in to bed with me. Developmentally she is independent and not at all socially awkward. I don't get why she still does this.I have tried everything from warm milk, to princess bedding. Is it a need or simply a habit not yet under control? It is so funny, my friends always ask me for advice, but even I am stumped by this 1.


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Natalie - posted on 10/23/2012




Oh, yeah, we have done that before. The problem isn't nightly. The only time it happens is when she has night terrors. In the mornings she has no idea how she got to my bed. I hate to turn her away when she is whimpering and crying in her sleep. If I wake her she gets even more scared. I was asking if anyone else had experience with terrors and advice on how to make it easier for her. Sleeping in my bed doesn't bother me, it isn't every night. I just want her to not be scared while she sleeps. Thanks for the help!

Cheyenne - posted on 10/17/2012




well I had a similar situation. My daughter is 5 and was doing the same thing. My fiance was getting irritated because she was always in our bed every night. unfortunately it was a habit. we simply told her no more. She would start crying yes and come up with a million reasons not to sleep in her bed or why she may need to get in bed with me later but I put my foot down. The fact is that we let them and they get use to it and comfortable, but we need to stop it. It will be an adjustment for them but give it like 3 weeks and she'll be fine. Think of it like this....if you have a routine say drinking coffee every morning and now you are going to start drinking tea, this would be hard to get use to but overtime you adjust and it's not a problem.

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