Hey I'm new at this and seeking advice please?

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Hello, So I have been with my partner for 7yrs not married or engaged but have a 21/2 yr old girl and well it just not the same anymore , for one we don't go on dates, never have been but he would rather go fishing or watch footy and we don't like the same thing and in the bedroom when I say no I still get woken up to him on top or sometimes already in me which sorta makes me sick and I think leaving him might be the best option but I don't no and don't really have any one to talk to :( Thanks


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Love isn't really a noun. It isn't just a feeling that comes naturally to people; it is a verb--something you have to DO to get the feeling of love.

Every marriage/relationship will eventually get old, and that feeling of "love" will start to fade if you don't work to keep it there. Most of the time, a couple just gets too busy to put the effort into the relationship needed to keep the feeling of "love" between them. You are busy with the baby and cleaning, he is busy with the work, and he wants time with his friends, and you stop making time for each other, so the feeling fades, and you don't WANT to make time for each other any more, you'd just rather be apart because it's one less thing you have to do.

You have to make time for each other. He still needs time for his friends, and you need time for your friends, and he'll still need time for work, and you'll still need time for cleaning and child care, but somewhere, you have to pull time out of both schedules to make time for each other. Schedule it. You didn't have to do that before the baby because your schedules were pretty similar, but now they don't sinc up as easily.

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