Hey, i wonder if anyone can help me please!!!My 4 month old baby boy has been sicking his feed up constantly im sure he has reflux but hes teething also so could it just be that...hes always been a sicky baby but have noticed lately that he seems unhappy with it and today for instance hes only taken 20 ounces instead of 36...so as you can imagine im very concerned, i will be going along to the doctors in the morning but i just wanted a little bit of advice off other mums. Thanks


Anaquita - posted on 10/21/2012




Teething always caused my son to throw up. Every single time.

That being said if your son is always sick, I would have him tested for allergies. Both with milk, and environmental. My son would be sick a lot until I put him on a lactose-free diet (he's not allergic to milk itself, but lactose gives him issues) and found out he's also allergic to dust/dust mites, and I go the extra mile in keeping things as dust free as possible.


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Amelia - posted on 10/22/2012




Thanks so much infact he does sneaze all the time to thats make sense i will mention that to my gp. x

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