hey im with a guy for four years now his wife and him are seperatebu are still married and has two kids.he had an affair with his wife a couple of months ago and i found out,he is still seeing her,but he wants me to,i cant accept that,he said that he has stop seeing her but yet i have douths,i want him to get a divorce,how can i get him to divorce her,i told him i will give him the rest of the year to get the the divorce,if he doesnt im leaving,i see no progress in him getting it,can you give me some advice on getting him to get the divorce,thank you


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Becky - posted on 10/03/2012




My apologies if this is going to sound rude, but here it goes. Actually, I don't care if this sounds rude....

You have been sleeping with another woman's husband for 4 years. But you're not the only one he's cheated with. All I can say is that you two are at the bottom of the barrel and deserve each other.

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