Hey, ive 7 week old twin girls, which were 5 weeks premature... Should they be following objects now with their eyes ???One seems to be, but the other is not interested, its like she's ingoring me...


Suzie - posted on 07/23/2012




I have a three year old and honestly I don't remember all of the developmental milestones. But I know as Moms we freak out if we read where our kids are supposed to be if they aren't. I just don't think you should panic, not yet. At your next checkup, let your doctor know you are concnerned. OR if you are really concerned make an appointment. But babies develop at different times, even twins. I have a twin sister and we took turns for "firsts" but usually the other was at the most a couple weeks behind... and just because one does something first wont mean the next time they hit a milestone, the other one won't. Also, it typically takes preemies about two years to "catch" up and be in sync with others at the same milestones. Sometimes I think its great to know as much as we know about children and development and sometimes I think what an awful thing to know... because now we are all constantly concerned that something is wrong. I don't know if it helped at all... but try not to worry... easier said than done.

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