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my husband is in the air forces and we move about alot but im starting to worry that the kids more so the older ones need a place to call home with friends and school but what would u do need advice on what to do my husband loves his job and i have always said i will move with him no matter what but the kids are that age of starting school and need a house to call there home and have friends who they will grow up with. they have friends who are air force kids and they move alot with us but me and my friends we concerned and need advice on what to do.


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my husband doesn't understand because he is following in his fathers footsteps and he doesn't know how this might affect the kids. we have moved 7 times in two years. and i guess so my son is always saying "its another adventure", she is in the same situation as me her kids and my kids have been together ever since they were born. and because she was the first person i got to know on the street we lived on that was full of air force family's.

Anaquita - posted on 10/17/2012




Talk to your husband about your concerns. See if he could get a more permanent placement. Or at least a long term one until the kids are out of school. That being said, kids are more resilient than given credit for. Plus should a good friend move, or they move from a good friend, they can mail, or email eachother (with parental permission, of course.)

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