Hey ladies, My baby girl is 7 weeks old. My bleeding stopped at 4 weeks, but then it started again really lightly for 2 days and stopped. It started again now for 3 days really really heavy, i using a tampon and a pad and changing almost every hour, i am getting period pain. Is this normal????


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Maren - posted on 07/30/2012




After my second I bleed for almost 7 weeks. At my 6 week check up my dr said that if it didn't stop by 8 weeks then I needed to go back in as something may be wrong. Hopefully you will stop in the next few days, and if not go see your dr.

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I bled for 8 weeks off and on after both my girls. It was really heavy too. If you find its too heavy, like enough to affect you physically then I would get checked out by a gyno to make sure everything is ok. If your not breastfeeding then it could be your period coming back, which is worse after a baby for some people. You shouldnt be using a tampon this soon after having a baby. It can cause an infection. Stick with pads until you heal more.

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