Hey Teen Moms of a 15 year old...how do I deal with my daughter having sex with her boyfriend. I never thought she would at this age. Where did I go wrong? I didn't want to say :NO to having a boyfriend because I didn't want her to do it behind my back


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Loraine - posted on 01/07/2013




Hi hun,

I remember the shock of discovering my daughters were having underage sex too.

You will never stop her but as Lizz said, talk to her, openly & always. I made sure my daughters understood the importance of contraception, not only to prevent pregnancy but more importantly due to the risk of STD's some of which can never be cured.
Make sure she knows to respect herself & that any1 who respects her won't force her into sex. They will wait untill she is ready. That the less she gives out the more respect she will gain.

Good luck & please don't blaime yourself xx

Lizz - posted on 01/06/2013




it dosnt mean you did anything wrong, dont be hard on your self just be nice to her show her your her friend and let her trust you in everything, im 19 with a 1 year old son i had sex at 13:( not because i really wanted to but because my parents always said not to do it so as a teen i did it anyway its crazy but at that age our brain works that way the most they tell us the more we want to do it, so be her friend try to encourage her not to have sex but dont tell her she better not or she will want it even more but if its at the point were shes doing it either way than just help her stay protected and talk to her as much as you can about the subject i tell you it helps, my mother never talked about sex to me maybe if she had done so i wouldnt of been a teen mom. i dont regret my son his my life but build that conection with your daughter its never too late. good luck

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