Hey there everybody.! Early pregnancy with negative blood and home pregnancy test. How many women have dealt with this.?

Hailea M - posted on 12/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well lets see I am 9-10 days late on my period today my first day of my last period was October 30 2013, I have nausea mainly in the morning with no vomit, heart burn, itchy boobs and tender, change in nipple appearance, cramps and abdominal stretching type feeling/pain, fatigue, headaches, slight joint pain. I had took a blood test two day after missed period waited two days and it was a negative my level was at a 4 which they consider normal and since then I've taken two home cheap dollar store test and they come up negative. This would be my second pregnancy if I am and my first one I didn't test positive tell 8 weeks but miscarried not long after. So is it possible I am but my levels aren't high enough for them. My doctor did order me back next Wednesday but I just want to know. Anyone Have some information on this type of thing?


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Cecilia - posted on 12/06/2013




You would need a collective HCG test to know for sure. What it does is see the level of HCG and compare it with a new test a few days later to see if it is going up. It is possible that your body just doesn't create the hormone as fast as "normal"

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