hey there moms, please help!! does any of you have home made remedies for 1year old that is constapated for a while now


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Gena - posted on 10/18/2014




You could try prune juice. You can buy dried prunes,boil water and poor into a cup with the dried prunes. Wait till it cools down,remove the prunes and then let your baby drink the sirup that came from the prune.

Darcy - posted on 10/17/2014




Yes make some oatmeal but a half teaspoon of coconut oil melt it in the oatmeal. It should come through as soon as possible! Massage there belly kind of in the whey there intestines would go. Massage down just try to keep baby comfortable you might have to give a suppository if it doesn't work! Darcyleonard79@gmail.com

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