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Hi we'll I wanna share my story and find out if anyone else ever experienced the same. January 24th 2011 I found out I am 5 weeks pregnant very exited about it one week after finding out I had a miscarriage.never had I cried as much as I did that day..I was suspecting it as I had brown discharge an so much pain...I had my period on the 25th of feb and 1 month later we trying again I did everything I was told to get pregnant is is now a week after intercourse and I'm soo hoping to get a positive test!!!I did one last nite but it was negative,I know it might be to early to say but I'm to ieger to wait till I'm late with my period as I don't knw when I'm supposed to get it,has been messed up since my m/c ..but I do go to the loo a lot lately and emotional and dizzines..I know its just to early for symptoms but the fact that it is a possibility is so comforting..I dod not have any symptoms with my first pregnancy I just was verry late with my period and when I found out I was then I got tired and sore breasts...but now my lower back pains a lot and also in my abdomen but on both sides...really need some advice\re asurance or a how to get prgnant reply?and a lot of prayers pleasssse...so hoping that I will get pregnant with twins..


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Technically you are supposed to wait at least 6 months after a miscarriage to TTC again, only because your body needs to heal itself. I miscarried and then got pregnant a few years later and a few more after that and now have 2 beautiful daughters.
If this was your first it's very common to miscarry.
The odds of having twins is 32:1,000.

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