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I am trying to get pregnant but my tubes are tied and my husband and I have been trying for nine years and nothing has been working. Is it not possible for us to have a kid or not? Please give us your thoughts? I am only cut not burned and berried I got my tubal back in 99 and we really want a kid.... Thanks for your responses and your thoughts and opinions they will help us.... Thank you and God Bless you and your families.




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Michelle - posted on 06/27/2013




I agree with Little Miss.
You got a permanent birth control so you COULDN'T fall pregnant and now you are hoping to without medical intervention. That doesn't make sense at all.
Your options are a reversal (Like Little Miss said) that is costly and a slim chance of working, IVF, adoption or surrogate.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/27/2013




You will not get pregnant after a tubal. That is the whole point. It is permanent sterilization. Your only hope is to try and get a tubal reversal, and there is only a small chance it will work. It also costs a lot of money. You can adopt, or get a surrogate. Those are your realistic options, or have IVF done. Your uterus will still work, but your eggs no longer drop to your uterus so you will not get pregnant by traditional means. They can take some of your eggs, and his sperm and implant them. Also a lot of money.

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