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My ex husband has not been in my children's life for 7 yrs now but now wants to start calling.. I don't want him in there life what can I do...


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Unless he has signed away his rights, or you have court orders stating he will have no contact, you can let the children know their biological father.

If he has not signed his rights away, he has the same rights you do to be a parent. Get paternity established, file for custody, ask for support, and abide by visitation as set in court.

Jodi - posted on 01/05/2015




Unless he signed away his rights, or you have court orders stipulating he cannot visit the children, then he has the right to request visitation. 7 years IS a long time - I hope you have been honest with the children about who their father is. I've seen lots of situations that go badly by not being honest about that,

With regard to dad, if you do refuse to allow him into your children's lives, he has the option of taking you to court for visitation. He will have to try to explain his lengthy absence, but it is still likely he will get visitation, even if only a small amount supervised to start with. However if you don't currently have any court orders for your custody of the children, you probably should get some now.

I would strongly advise talking to a lawyer, because the laws are different from country to country and state to state. However, the overview I gave above is a likely scenario in general.


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