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Manvi - posted on 04/24/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )





This is manvi, i was married on 28th feb 2015 and faced lots of prob with mom n law were even my husband dint support me other wise he said that what ever elders tell its for good take it in positive(they were 2 unexpected death in his mom end relation side but they said that all was cuz of me i explained my husband if my entry to ur home is not good than the death sud happen on ur dad end relation not on ur mom end relation seriously telling they behave that as if they are very orthodox which they wont follow and we daughter in law sud follow many stories are they to tell abt my mom n law but i directly wanna shoot wit the latest matter which happen 9 days back) on 23th april 2015 me and my mom in law had a cold fight my husband was on business travelling to Hyderabad, here the conversation happened between me and mom in law was (before that let me clear a point which she had in her mind was that i had been to my home were i had not been to home but on that day my bro had been to my office for collecting wedding cd and he gave me flower and gold bangles and went back after he dropped me n near point) here i continue she said that did u had been sm were i said no i had gone to office and back to home later she said how did u got flowers i said i got flowers on road side vendors i buyed it and later i asked wen we r on periods we should not keep flowers rite she said i dono cuz u and ur mom is too fast i was insulted with that statement and said i asked u mom but u should have said whether s r no but not required to pull my mom later i went up and discussed with husband he said will come and slove and i cam down and sat in bed room were she didnt noticed it spoke to her daughter ( sis n law) over phone that she hate me and if she see me its like she feel like fire and she wanna do something to me i heard all this later half an hour once she cam to living room i walked in front and questioned she didnt opened her mouth and even elder brother n law was there am explaining him even he is not ready to listen as she s commenting him not to listen anything what i say later she sent him to medical pharamcy and gain she went to spk to her daughter ( sis n law) were i dint not allow her and i went back of my mom n law and stand but didnt utter a word now my husband tell all s my mistake ad going behind her r standing s wrg plz tell me what sud i do and make my husband understand cuz my father n law is cmg on 4th of may to discuss about this issue cuz now am in my mother place.

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