hi all i am 21weeks pregnant and i went to ultrasound in 20th week than doctor told me that i have a girl but i am very confused because she din't describe baby gender and second thing is that i have all the symptoms of baby boy like sour , salty craving ,dry hands , headaches, my right breast is little larger than left and carrying also so i am very much confused please i need yours help then i can shop for my new one thanks


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Makayla - posted on 11/15/2012




Holly is right the only way you can tell whether its a boy or girl is ultrasound. Im pregnant with my second and its a boy and im carrying him the same way I did my daughter. Just have them show you!!

Holly - posted on 11/14/2012




there are no REAL symptoms of having a boy or girl... the ultrasound is the only REAL way to know... ask for another ultrasound and ask them to show you how they know it is a girl.

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