hi all i have aspergers syndrome and my partner which is my daughters dad has adhd bad, is there a possability that my daughter has got one of them or both as i know she is to young to be diagnosed and lil ones are always hyper but it not just all about hyperness she kicks, slaps and pulls my hair down to the ground when i change her nappy every single time it only once in blue moon she lil bit good whilst changing her and i can't give her certain drinks such as fruitshoot or sweets such as lolly pops or anything with sugar in i can not give her or she will be a extreme nightmare 100 times worse than normal so i need to know whether there is a chance or not of aspers syndrome or adhd


MeMe - posted on 08/11/2012




Both of these disorders are hereditary. My daughter has severe combined ADHD and she got it from her bio-father.

So, there is definitely a possibility your little girl has one or the other or both. She needs to be seen by a ADHD/Aspergers Specialist. However, if she is under 5 and not in school (which I assume not, since it sounds she is in diapers), she is too young to be diagnosed. Hang in there. With the right kinda discipline and extreme routine, they are actually quite easy to manage.


Diet is not a factor for my daughter. She is rarely allowed unhealthy foods. Even with them. she is no different than without. As I said, strong routine, discipline with consequences (followed through, EVERY TIME) and tons of patience and love, is what helps best.


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Chaya - posted on 08/11/2012




I have autism and add myself:
Ask her pediatrician about it. My guess is that she ADD/ADHD, but I know little about it.
If it's nice out, take her to a playground, that's a perfecly appropriate place to be active. Once she gets older, get her a bicycle and keep her in league sports or activies where you can. If you can get her concentrating on a certian task as an older kid, suggest she play an instrument, it helps kids focus

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