Hi all..My 16 year old daughter started dating a young man,and got pregnant,this was a shock for us,but as a family we supported her and now have a beautiful grandson who is now 6 months old...the problem is now,her boyfriends family located to Australia,and my daughter

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Hi all..my i6 year old daughter started dating a young man,and got pregnant,this was a shock for us,but as a family we supported her and now have a beautiful grandson who is now 6 ,months old,and she a great mum!!..recently her boyfriends parents moved to Australia,and he is now wanting to take my daughter and baby over there to live with them,...this could be the best thing for them,and i dont want to stand in there way,I just want the best for them...my problem is I find his family to be rather controlling and manipulating,and with her being so young,what if she decides later on down the track,that its not what she wants,and she wants to come home,how do you protect your kids when they are so far away,if they try and make is difficult for her..I know im thinking the worse,but these things can happen,..what if she wanted to come home and they try and keep the baby?..any ideas would be great,maybe imjustr being over protective crazy grandma!! lol


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She technically cannot leave without your permission. She is still 16 after all. Just keep talking to her and advise her the best you can. If both of you feel that she is being pressured into doing it, then you might have to be the bad person and put your foot down and say she can't go. You have to do what is best for her and your grandchild. I wouldn't worry too much about his parents feelings.

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Thankyou all for your helpful comments...after sitting down and having another talk with my daughter,i discover she too is feel a bit pressured about it all..she dosent want to upset people,but i have told her she needs to grow a voice,and say what it is she wants...And as her mother,I have had to put my foot down!!..,right from the start i said to her that her education was very important,and she is lucky enough to still be in school,she has all the support here....I really hope i have got through...

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I think that your daughter has a lot more responsibilities than most 16 years olds because she does have a child.... but that does not mean she is old enough to make this decision. She is 16. I ask you this: "Had she not had a baby, would you have allowed her to move to another country to be with a boy?" I am assuming based on your message above, that would have been a big fat no! I don't think you should let your 16 year-old move across the world to live with another family. I understand she has a baby with this kid but she is still a kid herself. And your responsibility as a parent is to make sure she gets an education, has all of the resources she needs to become a responsible self-sufficient adult.... You need to stand up for whats best for your daughter and your grandson.

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I agree with you there is no way my daughter would be moving to another country until she was 18. Especially since his family is controlling. I would also look into the laws of where you live as well as Australia to find the answers to the very questions you are asking, but I would do it before she goes.


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I agree to look into the custody laws before she goes.I would let her go if she really wants to go.Just maintain a good relationship w/her so she will be comfortable talking to you about any problems.Talk to her before she leaves,make sure she knows any "warning signs"(of manipulation and/or control),and tell her she is welcome to come back at any time.
Perhaps she can go on a temporary visit,to check out the situation.
If she really wants to go and you do not let her,I worry that it might damage the relationship you guys have.
I remember when I was 16 and I had my son that if I was bent on doing something nobody was going to stop me..lol

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